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Yellow bones: The ‘blondes’ of the black community
May 29, 2015 Posted by :
‘Are yellow bones more beautiful than dark-skinned girls?’ screamed a recent headline the Sunday News. This followed a period in which both the media and public went into ...
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Hundreds of people adorned with traditional regalia from different cultures march through the streets of Durban on May 23, ahead of the he annual commemoration of the 1963 founding of the Organisation of African Unity, presently recognised as the African Union. (Pic: AFP)
The AU owes young people inspiration
May 25, 2015 Posted by :
The African Union owes the citizens of African states an opportunity to gain true inspiration from their organisation. We have not been given that opportunity. The average ...
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(Pic: Flickr / Susana Fernandez)
6 African novels to fuel your wanderlust
May 22, 2015 Posted by :
We’ve picked out six African novels about travel guaranteed to delight any wide-eyed traveler like yourself looking for adventure. No matter how classic or unconventional your taste in ...
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A picture taken on June 17 2005 shows a house being destroyed in Chitungwiza, about 30km south of Harare, as part of Robert Mugabe's government clean-up campaign named Operation Murambatsvina. (Pic: AFP)
Operation Murambatsvina: Fear and suffering 10 years on
May 19, 2015 Posted by :
19 May 2015 marks 10 years since the Government of Zimbabwe’s programme of mass forced evictions, locally know as Operation Murambatsvina (Operation Drive Out Rubbish). According to the ...
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(Pic: AFP)
My shitty country
May 18, 2015 Posted by :
You should walk down First Street in Harare just before summer starts. You should smell the scent of the purple jacaranda flowers, it is a mixture of ...
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