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Ugandans participate in a massive preach of the Born Again Church in Mbarara, western Uganda's largest town, on August 23 2008. (Pic: AFP)
‘Con’ pastors thrive as Africans become increasingly desperate for miracles
July 23, 2015 Posted by :
At a South African church rightly called “Incredible Happenings”, the pastor believes that he can exorcise demons from his female followers by sticking his fingers in their private parts in ...
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Newspapers bearing headlines on US President Barack Obama's upcoming visit to Kenya. (Pic: AFP)
What can Kenyans expect from Obama’s visit?
July 21, 2015 Posted by :
From a Kenyan perspective, the last decade has pretty much been a wasted opportunity for the country’s relationship with the United States. The election of Barack Obama ...
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Uruguayan United Nations peacekeepers look through binoculars at M23 rebel positions on the outskirts of Goma, in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, on November 18, 2012. (Pic: AFP)
Silent society: Why is abuse under-reported?
July 8, 2015 Posted by :
Yet another report of sexual abuse by United Nations peacekeepers has come to the fore, revealing that 480 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse had been made between 2008 and 2013, ...
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Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender Olympic champion formerly known as Bruce, unveiled her new name and look in a sexy Vanity Fair cover shoot in June. (Pic: AFP)
Does Caitlyn Jenner’s story mean anything for Nigeria’s Yan Daudu?
July 1, 2015 Posted by :
To understand the tasteless comedy that was the larger Nigerian reaction to Caitlyn Jenner, the woman Bruce Jenner introduced to the public on that iconic Vanity Fair ...
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(Pic: AFP)
Growing up black, foreign and legal in South Africa
June 30, 2015 Posted by :
by Wadeisor Rukato  On Thursday the 30th of April 2015, I stepped off a taxi coming from the Bree taxi rank in order to make my way toward ...
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