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'Mathabile Mosala. (Pic: Meri Hyöky.)
‘Mathabiso Mosala: 50 years of activism in Lesotho
February 26, 2015 Posted by :
Eighty-three-year-old ‘Mathabiso Mosala lives in a bustling, chaotic part of Maseru. Her house is located on one of the city’s main roads, crowded with shops, pedestrians and ...
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(Pic: Reuters)
Black, successful and single
February 23, 2015 Posted by :
I’ve gotten used to being invisible. At night I go out almost as pretty as I may appear in pictures and as I watch people drinking, flirting, ...
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(Pic: Flickr / World Bank)
The sound of Aids: Lesotho’s mourning bell
February 17, 2015 Posted by :
During summer in Lesotho, the perfect time to go running is just before 6am, when the sun has reached a point where it warms the earth without ...
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Angelique Kidjo, winner of the Best World Music Album Award for 'Eve', at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards on February 8. (Pic: AFP)
Grammy Awards: African artists deserve more than a ‘World Music’ category
February 12, 2015 Posted by :
The annual Grammy Awards took place last week, and the usual happened:  selfies were taken, everyone raved about the dresses and some stars possibly got wildly drunk ...
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Women attend a meeting for eradicating female genital mutilation in the western Senegalese village of Diabougo. (Pic: Reuters)
FGM stops when the holistic recognition of girls’ and women’s rights begins
February 6, 2015 Posted by :
Her name is Suhair al-Bata’a. The 13-year-old Egyptian girl dreamt of one day becoming a journalist. In 2013, she was taken by her father to Dr Raslan ...
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