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Botswana clamps down on foreign pastors
February 20, 2014 Posted by :
Charismatic churches are on the rise in Botswana, with pastors promising miracles in the forms of successful marriages, work promotions, financial freedom, children for the barren – ...
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Senegal tenants celebrate mandated rent cuts
February 17, 2014 Posted by :
A new law mandating across-the-board rent reductions in Senegal is a double-blessing for real estate agent Abdul Aziz Sylla. Along with paying 14% less each month for ...
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(Pic: Tommy Trenchard)
Surf’s up in Sierra Leone
February 12, 2014 Posted by :
There have been inspirational reports about Sierra Leone locals trying to revive their country’s tourism industry which has been marred by years of a terrible civil war. ...
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Green mint tea. (Pic: Chef Afrik)
For the love of African teas
February 11, 2014 Posted by :
As an immigrant, there are traditions you carry over with you to the new country and there are many more that you leave behind in the old ...
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Black girl privilege
February 7, 2014 Posted by :
When I was a kid, my mother told me I would have to work harder in this life because I was black girl – a warning I ...
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