(Screenshot: Google Street View)
Eyes on elephants as Google Street View launches in Kenyan reserve
September 15, 2015 Posted by :
For once, Google was unlikely to face privacy complaints as the US Internet giant on Tuesday launched its Street View service in Kenya’s Samburu park, in a ...
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South Africa’s jobless ignite creative power with solar kits
South Africa’s jobless ignite creative power with solar kits
July 13, 2015 Posted by :
A motorbike accident two years ago in the Cape Town suburb of Milnerton left Pascal Kassongo with a leg fracture, multiple cuts and a written-off bike, crippling ...
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IBM scientist Kala Fleming, who leads its research in the area of water management. (Photo: IBM)
A killer app for Africa’s ‘telephone farmers’
July 3, 2015 Posted by :
When you think of an African farmer, the first image that will probably come to mind is that of an old man in the village, probably dressed in ...
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5 on-demand startups going big in Africa
June 26, 2015 Posted by :
On-demand – think Uber and taxi-hailing apps – is huge worldwide. In the United States, the on-demand economy is booming, with funding for the sector reaching almost ...
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A man tries out Wakpon, a new smartphone application that allows people to view pictures and works of art. (Pic: AFP)
Bringing museums into homes: Benin’s Wakpon app
June 22, 2015 Posted by :
Admiring paintings or photographs by Africa’s greatest contemporary artists is a luxury in Benin, where museums are scarce and most people lack money to travel farther afield. ...
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