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Itai Dzamara
Zimbabwe: Where is Itai Dzamara?
September 10, 2015 Posted by :
September 9 marked six months since the abduction of prominent Zimbabwean activist Itai Dzamara, a prominent critic of Robert Mugabe’s government. On 9 March 2015, he was forced ...
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Men holding signs reading "Black Lives Matter" march in the 30th annual Kingdom Day Parade in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on  January 19 2015 in Los Angeles. (Pic: AFP)
The implicit racism of ‘All lives matter’
September 8, 2015 Posted by :
Last week, I stumbled across a BuzzFeed video of children from black families reminiscing about their parents’ struggles to put them through school and give them better lives. They ...
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Flag of Botswana
Botswanan or Batswana? It’s complicated
August 17, 2015 Posted by :
  I’ve been pondering about the origin and meaning of the two terms, Botswanan and Batswana. How nationals in African countries self-identify and how they identify their ...
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A volunteer in protective suit looks on after spraying disinfectant outside a home in Waterloo, 30km outside Freetown. (Pic: AFP)
Ebola’s victims of the future: pregnant women
August 13, 2015 Posted by :
For the last 13 years, Sierra Leone has seen a dramatic decrease in its maternal mortality rate, due in large part to the introduction of free health ...
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Ethiopian Christians praying for Nelson Mandela outside the Mediclinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria on June 30 2013. (Pic: AFP)
What if Christianity is African?
August 5, 2015 Posted by :
Is Christianity African? This question came to my attention while encountering a recent article on The Africa Report that drove me into a rage. Truthfully, it was not the ...
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