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South African doctors perform world’s first penis transplant
March 16, 2015
South African doctors have successfully performed the world’s first penis transplant on a young man who had his organ amputated after a botched circumcision ritual, a hospital said on Friday. The nine-hour transplant, which occurred in December last year, was ... Continue Reading →
Wasila Tasiu speaks with her defence counsel outside the courtroom during her first day of trial in October 2014. (Pic: AFP)
The tragedy of Nigeria’s child brides March 13, 2015

Maimuna Abdulmunini was just 13 when she was arrested for burning her 35-year-old husband to death. The legal process dragged out over five years. Finally in 2012, when she turned 18, Abdulmunini was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Today, despite a court ruling six months ago that the sentence is a violation of …

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Film adaptation of ‘Beasts of No Nation’ set for 2015 release March 12, 2015

Yet another African novel makes a bold entrance into Hollywood. Way back in 2013, Deadline announced that Cary Fukunaga, the director of the critically acclaimed HBO show, True Detective, was teaming up with Idris Elba to film Uzodinma Iweala’s war drama titled Beasts of No Nation. Word has just come through that the project is done and …

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Ugandan police trucks carrying refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) travels from Busunga border post to Bubukwanga town in Uganda on July 14 2013. More than 30,000 refugees from the DRC crossed the border into Uganda’s Western District of Bundibugyo, about 430km from the capital Kampala, following a rebel attack on the town of Kamango in North Kivu province. (Pic: AFP)
Let’s be honest. The West ignores Congo’s atrocities because it’s in Africa March 9, 2015

Some lives matter more than others: the “ hierarchy of death ”, they call it. The millions killed, maimed and traumatised in the Democratic Republic of Congo are surely at the bottom of this macabre pile. The country was the site of the deadliest war since the fall of Adolf Hitler, and yet I doubt …

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Misale Legesse, an Ethiopian jazz drummer,shows the damage from a fire that ripped through Jazzamba jazz club, a milestone for Ethio-jazz in Addis Ababa, on February 16 2015. (Pic: AFP)
Ethio-jazz: Burned to the ground but the beat goes on March 6, 2015

Heaps of twisted iron, piles of ash and a charred microphone are all that remains of Jazzamba, the iconic Addis Ababa nightclub that revived Ethiopian jazz after it all but disappeared under communist rule. The fire that destroyed the venue in January has left Ethiopia’s vibrant and growing jazz scene in disarray. “I still do …

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Ebola: Getting to zero cases
Ebola: Getting to zero cases June 2, 2015

The Ebola outbreak has slowed across West Africa but every new infection continues to threaten millions of lives. This fatal disease claimed 7 000 lives by the end of 2014 in just Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Lione. Overcoming this complex emergency challenged governments and international aid organisations and brought fear to the rest of the …

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Vanessa Mdee, Victoria Kimani, Waje and Judith Sephuma sing their hearts out in a song that addresses gender inequality and poverty. (Pic: Supplied)
Poverty is sexist, sing seven African performers in protest May 19, 2015

Singers Victoria Kimani from Kenya, South African Judith Sephuma, Waje from Nigeria, Vanessa Mdee from Tanzania, Arielle T from Gabon, Gabriela from Mozambique and Selomor Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe have now recorded Strong Girl to address the gender inequality that they believe goes hand-in-hand with poverty. The song is inspired by a recently released report by …

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