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Nollywood set to show off in Paris
May 17, 2013 Posted by :
Nigeria’s 21-year-old film industry is considered the second largest in the world; a profitable movie-making machine that churns out about 1000 films annually. Nollywood movies enjoy a ...
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Oya: Rise of the Orisha
April 5, 2013 Posted by :
An upcoming action-packed feature film takes a pantheon of ancient West African deities known as Orishas and resurrects them as modern-day superheroes. The lead character in Oya: Rise of ...
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Digital revolution lights up Africa
February 7, 2013 Posted by :
As a teenager Noé Diakubama made a sketch map of Mbandaka, on the Congo river, so as not to get lost in the forest while picking a ...
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Renting a read from Ethiopia’s paper landlords
January 31, 2012 Posted by :
Despite an abundance of national and international newsmakers, Addis Ababa has relatively little in the way of newspapers – no dailies of note or even newsstands to offer ...
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