Winning films: ‘From dream to screen’ in 48 hours

Can you make a film from scratch in two days? Contestants in the 48 Hour Film Project recently held in Nairobi did just that. On Friday November 29,  200 budding filmmakers from across the capital were put into teams, made to choose a genre out of a hat, and got to work writing scripts, shooting and editing. They were also given a prop, a character, and a line of dialogue that had to be included in their film.

All of the films that were submitted on Sunday night screened to sold-out audiences at Century Cinemax, The Junction on December 11 and 12. With genres ranging from horror to thriller and romance, audience members were spoilt for choice as they got to cast their vote for “Best Film – Audience Choice”. That honour went to Dead Wrong.

“Dead Wrong” Winner 48HFP Nairobi 2013 from TrulyCK on Vimeo.

Bulb, a sci-fi film, was the judges’ choice for Best Film , Best Directing, Best Cinematography and Best Costume.

“Bulb” Best Film 48HFP Nairobi 2013 from TrulyCK on Vimeo.

The 48 Hour Film Project is a global competition held annually. Check here to see if it’s coming to your city in 2014.

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