The Donkey that Carried the Cloud on its Back

This documentary feature film is about Lamu, a remote Kenyan island frozen in time. It has just one car and more than 3000 donkeys. Electricity is provided by generators and there is no modern water sewage system. Marginalised economically by mainland Kenya, Lamu relies on tourism.

However, big change is coming: Africa’s largest port is being constructed there. At a cost of 3.5-billion USD, the port will be capable of handling ships of up to 100 000 tonnes –  almost half the size of the island. How will this massive project impact on the locals and the environment?

The Donkey that Carried the Cloud on its Back documents and observes life on Lamu before the “marriage of people and land”, following the story of Fatima as she prepares to get married.

The Donkey that Carried the Cloud on its Back – A Teaser from Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann on Vimeo.

Produced by Philippa Ndisi Hermann and Atieno Odenyo, it received financial support from the IDFA Bertha Fund and a crowdfunding campaign. It will be screened at international film festivals later this year.

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