Ethiopian farmer Eshete Eneyew threshes maize in Abay, north of Addis Ababa. (Pic: Reuters)
Press 4 for fertilizer: M-farming in Ethiopia
December 10, 2014 Posted by :
One reason farmers in Africa mostly produce so much less than those in other parts of the world is that they have limited access to the technical ...
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Edith Brou, blogger and founder of the Lather against Ebola challenge. (Pic: Supplied)
From soap to song: How Ivorians are using social media to tackle Ebola
October 9, 2014 Posted by :
Since the Ebola epidemic began in Guinea last December, the virus has claimed close to 4 000 lives and infected more than 7 000 people, most of them in West Africa. ...
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(Pic: Reuters)
Nigeria’s tech-savvy response to Ebola pays off
October 2, 2014 Posted by :
When an Internet message announcing a salt water solution for Ebola went viral in July, many Nigerians were quick to take heed. Twenty people were hospitalised and ...
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(Pic: AFP)
Role reversal as African technology expands in Europe
August 14, 2014 Posted by :
Africans have long used technology developed abroad, but now a Kenyan cash transfer network which bypasses banks is being adopted in Europe. The M-Pesa mobile money transfer ...
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Super Sisi is available in the Android App store.
Meet Super Sisi, Egypt’s new game hero
April 16, 2014 Posted by :
On Egyptian streets Abdel Fatah al-Sisi – the top general who ousted ex-president Mohamed Morsi last summer – reached superhuman status months ago. Now the digital world ...
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