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A Zimbabwean casts his vote in Epwath on March 16 2013 during a referendum on a new constitution. (Pic: AFP)
Zimbabwe: A call for new heroes
September 9, 2014 Posted by :
I am convinced that Zimbabwe is devoid of sensibility and sensitivity. Each year we celebrate the President’s Birthday, Independence Day, Heroes Day, Defence Forces Day, and recently we ...
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Boys from the Xhosa tribe who have undergone a circumcision ceremony are pictured near Qunu in the Eastern Cape on June 28 2013. (Pic: AFP)
Circumcision: South Africans should stop allowing our boys to be butchered
September 5, 2014 Posted by :
In my village in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, a male who has not undergone circumcision is called ‘inkwenkwe’ – a boy. A young man ...
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King Mswati III of Swaziland and his wife arrive at the White House for a group dinner during the US Africa Leaders Summit August 5 2014 in Washington, DC. (Pic: AFP)
The ridiculousness of “If the West can do it, why can’t we?”
September 4, 2014 Posted by :
I am absolutely exhausted by the argument that we cannot complain about inefficient and corrupt African leaders because “even Western leaders do it.” The follow-up to this point ...
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(Pic: Reuters)
‘When are you coming home?': Being part of the African academic diaspora
September 3, 2014 Posted by :
When Africans began going to Europe, America and other foreign countries to further their tertiary education, many were sent in the hopes that they’d come back and ...
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(Pic: Akona Kenqu)
Why we painted Jozi pink
August 28, 2014 Posted by :
I land in Johannesburg for the third time in four years.  I drive into the city guided by faint memory and intuition. I drive carefully but still ...
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