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Traffic on Agege Motor Road in Lagos. (Pic: AFP)
Urbanisation in Africa and the conflict that comes with it
May 13, 2014 Posted by :
African nations are experiencing substantial urbanisation at a rate like never before. A continent that was once characterised by its largely rural nature is now seeing diverse ...
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Luanda cityscape at dusk. (Reuters)
Angola’s hidden crisis
April 30, 2014 Posted by :
What exactly constitutes development for a post-conflict African country? Is it the built environment or investment in human capital? That’s a question I think about daily here ...
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Super Sisi is available in the Android App store.
Meet Super Sisi, Egypt’s new game hero
April 16, 2014 Posted by :
On Egyptian streets Abdel Fatah al-Sisi – the top general who ousted ex-president Mohamed Morsi last summer – reached superhuman status months ago. Now the digital world ...
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Video editors David Adeoti (L) and Jolaosho Oladimeji preview a work at the headquarters of Iroko tv in Lagos. (Pic: AFP)
Hard work pays off for founder of ‘Nollywood Netflix’
April 14, 2014 Posted by :
At only 33, Jason Njoku is already considered one of Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs thanks to an online film distribution service that has tapped high demand for ...
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Crocodiles feed on vegetarian pellets inside a pen at Nyanyana Crocodile Farm in Kariba. (Pic: Reuters)
Zimbabwe’s crocs go veggie for high fashion
April 8, 2014 Posted by :
Crocodiles are some of the most feared predators in Africa, ruthless reptiles renowned for tearing their prey to pieces before swallowing hunks of meat raw. But in ...
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