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Guinea-Bissau’s songbird

Renowned Guinea-Bissauan singer Eneida Marta speaks and sings spectacularly in nine native languages РFula, Biafada, Bijago, Mandjak, Mankanya, Futa Fula, Balanta, Papel and Mandinga. She is well known for infusing her roots into each song, from the lyrics to the language to the instruments. Marta uses traditional instruments like the tchifre cow horn, the onomatopoeic bumbulum tree trunk drum and the tina (made from a wine barrel cut in two, immersed in water and played only by women). She has released three albums to date.


Fashion to dye for

Christie Brown is a Ghanaian-based luxury women’s fashion label aimed at the contemporary African woman. It was founded in March 2008 by creative director Aisha Obuobi and named after her grandmother Christie Brown, a talented seamstress.

Obuobi’s creations extend from bespoke gowns to statement pieces to accessories, all inspired by African culture and art.

They’ve featured on the runways of Africa Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, and in the pages of Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar, Black Hair and Glamour.

Obuobi worked with tie-dye and batik for her latest collection, Resort 2013. It’s flirtatious, whimsical and part of a collaboration with Grace of Grazia Fabrics, who has built a 20-year-old batik/tie-dye business.

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