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Patriarch Abune Mathias fled Ethiopia during the Derg regime in 1975 and represented the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in the USA and Jerusalem for over three decades.
Ethiopia’s Orthodox Church enthrones its new patriarch
March 4, 2013 Posted by :
Ethiopia’s Orthodox Church last week elected its sixth patriarch, 71-year-old Abune Mathias. Mathias, previously the Ethiopian Orthodox Archbishop of Jerusalem, was enthroned on Sunday, March 3 in ...
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Worshippers raise their hands in thanks to God for the election of John Atta-Mills service at a service at the Pure Fire Miracle Church in Accra on January 4 2009. (AFP)
Ghana’s celebrity pastors in an unholy row
February 28, 2013 Posted by :
They prefer to be known for preaching about peace and loving thy neighbour, but Ghana’s celebrity pastors are becoming embroiled by a rather ungodly row. A well-known ...
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Bamenda: Where politics and music blend
Bamenda: Where politics and music blend
February 9, 2013 Posted by :
Anyone who views the suffering of the masses as his own is a hero in the eyes of a freedom-loving people. So what causes the pedestrians in ...
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Renting a read from Ethiopia’s paper landlords
January 31, 2012 Posted by :
Despite an abundance of national and international newsmakers, Addis Ababa has relatively little in the way of newspapers – no dailies of note or even newsstands to offer ...
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