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Traders deliver khat to the market at IFO main camp of the Dadaab refugee camp. (Pic: AFP)
Life and opportunity in the world’s biggest refugee camp
May 13, 2015 Posted by :
Soon after dawn Bashir Bilal sat outside on his usual plastic jerry can surrounded by young girls and boys chanting Quranic verses. Each child clutched a worn ...
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Hip Hop Pantsula. (Pic: Supplied)
Lifaqane music festival: Harmony out of chaos
May 5, 2015 Posted by :
The logo wrapped around the stage pillars at the Lifaqane-Mfecane Music Festival – the inaugural traditional music event in Maseru, Lesotho, hosted against a mountainous backdrop at ...
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(Pic: Flickr / Claudio Riccio)
Togo’s taxi drivers left behind by growing economy
April 24, 2015 Posted by :
Swarming the streets of Togo’s capital Lome, thousands of motorcycle taxi drivers are just some of those left behind by the recent economic growth spurt in the ...
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'Mareitumetse Mokhoro addresses workers outside a textile factory in Maseru. (Pic: Meri Hyöky)
Lunch hour at a Lesotho textile factory: A snapshot
April 15, 2015 Posted by :
I am standing outside the gates of a textile factory in the Industrial Area of Maseru West. The midday sun is blaring, and the air is heavy ...
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Audrey Mbugua. (Pic: Reuters)
Kenya’s transgender warrior: From suicide bid to celebrity
April 10, 2015 Posted by :
Audrey Mbugua will not say whether it was a razor blade, pills or carbon monoxide that she used to try to kill herself. Born a male in ...
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