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The 11 official languages of South Africa on display at the Constitutional Court. (Pic: Flickr)
Sisters fight to save ancient African language from extinction
June 10, 2015 Posted by :
A 95-year-old woman is helping a last ditch effort to preserve an ancient African language before it goes extinct. Hanna Koper and her two sisters are thought ...
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Host Sharon Bwogi aka Lady Slyke (L), writer and producer Daniel Kisekka aka "Survivor" (C) and rapper Zoe Kabuye aka "MC Loy" at the company's office in Kampala. (Pic: AFP)
Rapping the news in Uganda
June 9, 2015 Posted by :
“Newzbeat” makes a catchy change from a standard news bulletin: Ugandans call the broadcasters “rap-orters”, a youth team of hip-hop artists-turned-journalists rapping the headlines. “Uganda’s anti-gay law ...
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Miners work on the diamonds mine of Banengbele, 10km south of Boda. (Pic: AFP)
Central Africa’s diamonds come at high price in blood and sweat
June 8, 2015 Posted by :
Barefoot, with sweat pouring down their naked chests, 50 men slave in the depths of the Central African forest digging for diamonds in a sandy pit half ...
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Victor Mpofu aka Doc Vikela performs during his stand-up comedy at the Bang Bang Club in Harare, on February 26 2015. (Pic: AFP)
Zimbabwe’s comedians draw tears of laughter in troubled times
May 26, 2015 Posted by :
With Zimbabwe’s economy on its knees and life a daily struggle for most people, there is one luxury that many can surprisingly still afford — laughter. “We ...
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(Pic: Flickr / Susana Fernandez)
6 African novels to fuel your wanderlust
May 22, 2015 Posted by :
We’ve picked out six African novels about travel guaranteed to delight any wide-eyed traveler like yourself looking for adventure. No matter how classic or unconventional your taste in ...
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