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Khat's psychoactive ingredients -- cathinone and cathine -- are similar to amphetamines but weaker, and can help chewers stay awake and talkative. (Pic: AFP)
How Britain’s khat ban devastated an entire Kenyan town
July 2, 2015 Posted by :
In a quiet and unassuming town tucked away in a hilly part of eastern Kenya, the British home secretary Theresa May’s name is spoken with barely concealed ...
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The SafeBoda app. (Pic: AFP)
Uganda’s ‘Uber for motorcycle taxis’ shows it pays to be safe
June 24, 2015 Posted by :
When Silver Tumwesigye, a sharply-dressed Ugandan motorbike taxi driver known by his nickname ‘Silverstone,’ had an accident six years ago it was a double blow. First he ...
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(Pic: AFP)
Nairobi: Men’s chastity belts for sale
June 19, 2015 Posted by :
A men’s clothing store in Nairobi has an interesting new product for sale: chastity belts with an iron padlock for $20 each. The product was designed to help ...
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(Pic: Flickr / Claudio Riccio)
Togo’s taxi drivers left behind by growing economy
April 24, 2015 Posted by :
Swarming the streets of Togo’s capital Lome, thousands of motorcycle taxi drivers are just some of those left behind by the recent economic growth spurt in the ...
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Kenyan farmers pick through their maize crop in a field in the village of Kapsimatwa near the Rift Valley town of Bomet. (Pic: AFP)
Water pans offer lifeline to female farmers in Kenya
March 23, 2015 Posted by :
It’s mid-morning and the sun is blazing. It is so hot that germinating seeds struggle to grow. In Moi Ndabi, about 44km south of Kenya’s Lake Naivasha ...
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